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Help with Taxes

What you need to send in to us when doing your US Taxes:

1. 1040 Ez Form

2. Personal information

  • Date of birth and social security number
  • Spouse’s name, date of birth and social security number (if applicable)
  • Total amount of income made by adults in your household (not spouse if filing jointly)
  • Childcare records
  • Rental property records

3. Tax documents

  • Past year’s tax return
  • Foreign country tax return (if applicable)

4. Income statements

Any U.S. wage reporting documents that you’ve received. Those could include:

  • W-2
  • 1099
  • K-1
  • 1098 (i.e., paid student loan interest or mortgage payments)
  • Self employment income & expenses
  • unemployment income
  • 1099 Misc.

Different pricing options available see which apply to you

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